Walk-in (temperature or climatic) Room MHW


         Walk-in (temperature or climatic) Room is used for heat test, cold test, cold resistance test and low temperature storage test of industries like aviation, aerospace, automobile, electronics, instruments and meters, electrical products, materials, parts and equipment, to analyze the performance and features under the simulated environmental conditions.

aviation & space

large server



Exterior material

Steel plate paint coating

Fine painting and texture


cable port (diameter 50mm)

explosion proof internal light

Reinforced structure (optional)

4” square steel reinforced frame and 4” channel iron
Strong body structure to reduce deformation caused by explosion or pressure and to protect people.


Test cabinet and mechanic box being separated (optional)

Separated structure can protect the air conditioner, cooling system and electrical parts from explosion or pressure.
The two boxes are connected with bolt.

Low internal floor (optional)

          Test cabinet internal floor is lower than conventional model and it can be on the same level with setup room floor.
It enables user to move the big heavy specimens in or out of test cabinet easily.