Cyclic Corrosion Tester CCT


        The corrosion rate and form of cyclic corrosion are very close to actual outdoor corrosion, which has an excellent correlation with outdoor corrosion and is included in the common test procedures. More and more tests in the automotive industry require cyclic corrosion test to combine salt spray, constant temperature and humidity conditions.

Parts and components on vehicles

outdoor lighting

paint and coating

Structure & material

Test room interior material Class A Polypropylene board, color beige, durable temperature 90℃. Acrylic pneumatic door cover.Pneumatic door cover (optional) Saturation tank material fiberglass. Customized strong internal floor can load up to 200kg.

Safety measures

Equipped with 5 safety protection devices. Make users feel safer and more assured.

earth leakage protection

overheat protection

heater burning protection

power monitor relay

trouble indication