Big Programmable Climatic Chamber MHX

(exclusively for panel tests)


Exterior material

Strong steel plate air tight chamber body with thermal insulation layer


Controller memory

10000 programs and 10000 cycles of each program

High resolution screen

Temperature display resolution 0.1 ℃
10levels screen illumination regulation
Show the real-time program profile
Trouble shooting: show the cause, solution and history records
Show the running program number, cycle number, cycle times and remain time

Control panel


interface and smart software, precise, stable and easy to use.

Indication lamp (optional)

Three-color indication lamp:
red – normal running, yellow – hold,
red – trouble.

Data logger (optional)

Data logger
is provided with six wire sensors for user to measure the specimen surface temperature or test room air temperature.

Value-added logistics service

Remote control software on multi controllers

Software setup on user’s computer to link the controllers to monitor the controllers, start/stop the chamber, select the program and show the profiles on computer.

Observation window

Big observation window with LED illumination light,
defrost heaters to provide a perfect view to specimens in chamber.