Mutual benefit and growing together with our partners

Terchy distribution network is based on the mutual recognition between Terchy and all our partners, willing for long-term cooperation and development. We grow with all our dedicated and hard-working partners.

Partnership with Terchy


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Partnership with Terchy


Enterprises or individuals who are engaged in the sales of Terchy products and can make business with customers independently Enterprises that provide customers with sales and services of Terchy products in the
You can....
1、Sell Terchy products;
2、 Take orders in the name of Terchy;
1、Sell Terchy authorized products in agreed certain region;
2、Get greater discount price from Terchy than distributors;
3、Cross regional purchase orders that are not approved by Agent in his responsible area, neither the factory nor other distributors can take orders.;
4、Sales and after-sales service training, technical support;
5、Support on local exhibition or promotion materials
Partner qualifications
Be capable of doing business or making negotiations Better if with more than two years experiences in selling & promoting environmental products of Terchy Financial status:company registered business license is required and registered capital over 200,000 RMB.
Sales & marketing: two or more sales people, at least one of them must have three years experiences of being sales in the company or more than two years of working experience in instruments and equipment.
Manpower:the number of personal working for the business of selling and promoting Terchy products in the agent should be at least three, not including service technicians.

Terchy will provide supports