Lithium battery test

Lithium batteries are used in a variety of industrial fields, including automobiles, computers, communications, national defense, and new energy markets. Driven by the trends of reducing motor vehicle emissions and increasing electric and hybrid vehicles, the market has higher and higher requirements for lithium battery testing.


Lithium battery test


Environmental test

temperature/climatic test
rapid temperature test

thermal shock test

altitude test


Mechanical test

vibration test
extrusion test、
accelerated impact test,
falling test,
heavy object impact test



Lithium battery test standards

• GB T 31485-2015
• GBT 2423.1-2008 (test A: Cold)
• GBT 2423.2-2008 (test B: Dry heat)
• GBT 2423.4-2008 (test Db: Damp heat, cyclic. 12h+12h cyclic test)