Ramp Temperature Chamber with Humidity MHS



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      Products and modules test in many industries use the temperature acceleration technique to change the external environmental stress and generate thermal stress and strain in the product. When circulating within the rapidly changing temperatures, the product will produce alternating expansion and contraction. Through the acceleration stress, the potential defects of the product will revealed in the test, such as potential part material defects, process defects, etc.
      Stress screening itself is also a process in manufacturing procedure. It is common used as a production quality control procedure for ‘100% qualified’ production purpose.
       As the temperature of products changes very fast, dew condensation forms. To protect the product from condensed water or moisture, humidity must be controlled in the test procedure. Ramp Temperature Chamber with Humidity combines both rapid temperature change test and humidity control in one system. One chamber, two tests, two in one, it helps customer to save the cost and accelerate the test duration.

Temperature range -70℃~+180℃
Humidity range 10~98%RH
Load capacity 0~200KG aluminum
Temperature constancy ±0.5℃
Temperature change speed Non-linear speed Linear speed

Linear changing profile

Non-linear changing profile
(Maximum and minimum temperature difference/time = average speed)