Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber TS

Three-zone Thermal Shock Chambers


         Thermal shock chambers are used to assess the adaptability of products to the rapid change of ambient temperature. It is also used for environmental stress screening.

semiconductor parts
stress screening test

electrical resistor
stress screening test

LCD panel
stress screening test

Exterior material

Strong air tight body structure chamber body with thermal insulation layer


Double door

Door with embedded handles
Aluminum alloy handle, beautiful and easy to open/close

Specimen shelf

Stainless steel shelf with punched holes,
height adjustable along the rails

Running noise

The large chamber running noise is around 75dB. And it can be even lower for specific request.

Control panel


Human-machine interface and smart software, precise, stable and easy to use.

Indication lamp (optional)

Three-color indication lamp: red – normal running, yellow – hold, red – trouble.

Data logger (optional)

Data logger is provided with six wire sensors for user to measure the specimen surface temperature or test room air temperature.

Value-added logistics service

Remote software on multi controllers (optional)

Software setup on user’s computer to link the controllers to monitor the controllers or other tasks, spec available upon request.